Megarhyssa macrurus lunator

This is one of the more impressive parasitoids found in North America: Megarhyssa macrurus lunator, a parasitoid that attacks sawfly larvae.  My son Eitan discovered this one on a hike to Castle Rock in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  Notice the impressive ovipositor, arching up over the wasp’s back, and then down between its legs, where it is drilling into the log in search of its host.


Here are some links to documents that are important for all lab members to be able to access:

1.  For links to the most up-to-date Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), and Emergency Action and Evacuation Plant (EAP), please see the department’s safety program web-site (here).

2.  EAP –  2022

3.  Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s):

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4.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s):

Acutely Toxic Gases

Acutely toxic soilds and liquids



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Strong Oxidizing Agents


5.  New lab members — useful links:

Site-specific initial safety training for all new employees

Training check-list

Matrix of required trainings

On-line UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (required)

On-line Heat Illness prevention training (required)

Driving safely!

6.  lab safety review (self-inspection) checklist       (To conduct annual lab safety self-inspection online, use the “Inspect” program at:

7.  Heat Illness Prevention Procedures Manual

8.  Annual group training refresher

9.  Preparing for annual safety inspection – checklist

10.  Lab Security

11.  Lab Review Prep Sheet