I’m a fifth-year PhD student in the Rosenheim and Meineke labs. I graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Entomology. I am a life-long lover of all things insect related. I started my insect journey as a young Coleopterist, but in recent years, I have grown extremely fond of Hymenopterans and Dipterans. While I can’t decide on a favorite insect, I’m partial to parasitoids, parasites, and big honkin’ beetles.

Though my research interests are broad, they generally center around the complexity of global change ecology and how insect interactions have responded to a rapidly changing world in the Anthropocene. I’m specifically intrigued by changes in ecological processes over various spatial and temporal scales, and how multiple simultaneous spatial and temporal dynamics further complicate the changes we observe across insects.

For my graduate studies, I’m interested in exploring insect responses to interactions between multiple global change drivers such as land use change (agricultural intensification and urbanization) and other anthropogenic drivers like warming climate, extreme climate events, and pesticide use.

My hobbies include running, yoga, backpacking, and visual arts. In my free time, I am either outside photographing insects, or inside drawing insects. My ultimate life goals are to own too many dogs and thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Check out some of my illustrations and local insect photos below: