When I’m not working, I spend my time with my family.  Here they are — watch them grow!


Hillel (21 months) with his newborn baby sister Leah (1 day) and mother Shulamit


Shula with kids-resaved

Hillel (3), Leah (1), and Shulamit


Eitan 3 mo

Eitan (3 months) makes his appearance


Hillel, Leah, Eitan, dog

Hillel (4), Leah (2),  Eitan (not quite 1), and Frankie-Joe (our neighbor’s dog)


Meirav sleeping week 1

Meirav (1 week); our family is complete


Meirav-big grin

Meirav (2) (I guess it’s good practice to clean faces before taking pictures)



Here is a series of pictures taken in 2011 at Cape Cod:

Meirav (5) and Jay - 2-saved lower res

Meirav (5) and Jay at Cape Cod

Eitan 7 (on tree)-saved lower res

Eitan (7) at Cape Cod

Leah (9) and Ellen-saved lower res

Leah (9) with her cousin Ellen at Cape Cod


Hillel skimboarding (11)-saved lower res

Hillel (11) at Cape Cod



Meirav laughing on lawn-saved lower res

Meirav (8)

Eitan under crabapple4-smiling-saved low res

Eitan (10)

Leah smiling2-saved lower res

Leah (12)     [Leah, who is now 14, does commissioned watercolor paintings of California plants.  If you are interested in having an illustration done for a scientific paper or a seminar presentation, check out Leah’s web-site)

Hillel7-saved lower res

Hillel (14) (give that guy a haircut!)

Here they are as of springtime, 2016:

Meirav (10), Eitan (12), and Leah (14)


Hillel (16)