When I’m not working, I spend my time with my family.  Here they are — watch them grow!


Hillel (21 months) with his newborn baby sister Leah (1 day) and mother Shulamit


Shula with kids-resaved

Hillel (3), Leah (1), and Shulamit


Eitan 3 mo

Eitan (3 months) makes his appearance


Hillel, Leah, Eitan, dog

Hillel (4), Leah (2),  Eitan (not quite 1), and Frankie-Joe (our neighbor’s dog)


Meirav sleeping week 1

Meirav (1 week); our family is complete


Meirav-big grin

Meirav (2) (I guess it’s good practice to clean faces before taking pictures)



Here is a series of pictures taken in 2011 at Cape Cod:

Meirav (5) and Jay - 2-saved lower res

Meirav (5) and Jay at Cape Cod

Eitan 7 (on tree)-saved lower res

Eitan (7) at Cape Cod

Leah (9) and Ellen-saved lower res

Leah (9) with her cousin Ellen at Cape Cod


Hillel skimboarding (11)-saved lower res

Hillel (11) at Cape Cod



Meirav laughing on lawn-saved lower res

Meirav (8)

Eitan under crabapple4-smiling-saved low res

Eitan (10)

Leah smiling2-saved lower res

Leah (12)     [Leah, who is now 21, does commissioned watercolor paintings of California plants and animals.  If you are interested in having an illustration done for a scientific paper or a seminar presentation, check out Leah’s web-site)

Hillel7-saved lower res

Hillel (14) (give that guy a haircut!)

Here they are as of springtime, 2016:

Meirav (10), Eitan (12), and Leah (14)


Hillel (16)


Meirav (12), Hillel (18) and our family friend Ozgur


Eitan (14) playing ultimate frisbee


Leah (16) playing ultimate frisbee


Hillel (18) playing ultimate frisbee


Shulamit playing ultimate frisbee


I get to play too . . .


Here is an impressive birch sawfly caterpillar we discovered in the Adirondacks, New York (3 Aug 2018)


And, here’s the evidence supporting the idea that the 2018 crop of wild blueberries at Blue Mountain Lake (Adirondacks, New York) was excellent.



Some updates:  Here is Meirav, age 13, practicing her ballet















Leah, on the night before she shipped out east to start at Binghamton University, holding a parting gift from our artistic neighbor, Kevin Roddy






Whole family, July 2023 at Long Lake, NY